From the Vault: Tanks and Industry: The Detroit Arsenal, 1940-1954

Tanks and IndustryFor those with an interest in U.S. World War II tank production, we would recommend taking a look at the book “Tanks and Industry: The Detroit Arsenal, 1940-1954” by Kevin Thornton.  The book gives a nice overview of the history of the Detroit Arsenal, the first manufacturing plant in the US built specifically for the purpose of tank construction.  Owned by the US Government and operated by Chrysler Corporation, the Detroit Arsenal was designed by famed architect Albert Kahn on built on an 113 acre site in Warren, a suburb of Detroit.  During the course of the war, the Tank Arsenal built about a quarter of the 89,568 tanks produced by the United States.

Published in 1995 by TACOM, this book can be viewed in it’s entirety at the Hathi Trust Digital Library site.  Click on the image below to go to the Hathi Trust website and view the book.

Tanks and Industry chapter 1

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