Panzer wrecks from the Bulgarian Border

4654_thank_in_museum_of_battle_gloryLast month War History Online ran an update to a story that first appeared way back in 2008 about WWII German tank wrecks on the Bulgarian border.  The Bulgarian government had buried more than 40 former Nazi tanks on their southern border as stationary pill boxes during the cold war.  In 2008 the Bulgarian government announced that they were unearthing the vehicles and selling them at auction.  Over the years, many of the vehicles had fallen prey to scrap metal hunters who removed many of the smaller bits off the tanks.  The Bulgarian government cancelled the auction before it happened, deciding instead to keep the vehicles.  Currently, these vehicles reside at the Museum of the Battle Glory.  Several of the tanks have been partially restored, getting sandblasted, primed and repainted.  According to the article, 7-8 vehicles are on display with the rest in storage.

The full article from War History Online can be viewed here.

Here is a video showing these vehicles prior to restoration.

One of the stranger vehicles shown in the photos and the video is what appears to be a Panzer IV turret modified to fit the cannon and mantlet from a SU-76m! (the vehicle on the right painted dark green)


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