Panther tank found in German Basement

panzer468_v-vierspaltigA couple German language articles have appeared in the press the last couple days reporting on a WW2 era Panther tank having been found in a basement of an elderly German collector in Heikendorf.  Apparently, a Bundeswehr unit equipped with two armored recovery vehicles were sent to the residence to recover the vehicle (or vehicles, some reports say two tanks were found.)  It is being reported that a seven meter long torpedo was also removed from the premises.  The articles state that the items were removed as they were in violation of the War Weapons Control Act, a claim the lawyer for the item owner says does not apply since the tank is not operational.  An article from has some pictures of the tank being removed from the premises.  The articles does not state the name of the 78 year old collector who owns these items.

Original articles (in German)  

Der Spiegel Online

Kieler Nachrichten (This article has pictures.)


  1. jeepsgunstanks says:

    Huh, looks like it’s in good shape. I hope the German government at least pays the estate something for the tank they just stole.


  2. looks like it was on the “surviving Panthers” list
    18th down.


  3. AND!!! not to forget a 88 in there too, HOw big was that basement!!!?


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