From the Vault: Differences in counting tank losses

Today we present a short article by William Platz from the May 1973 issue of AFV-G2 magazine on the differences in how tank losses were recorded by the WWII German Army compared to how they were recorded by the British Army.  We often find that people in some of the online forums love to quote loss figures for different WWII actions, often taking at face value the figures reported in after action reports.  This article does a nice job in showing how different counting methods could often lead to reported numbers differing significantly from reality.

german loss counting methods

We realize this article is from a copyrighted source, albeit a 40 year old one.  If anyone associated with Baron Publishing still exists and wants us to remove this, we will be happy to do so.  We present it strictly for educational purposes, we run no ads on this site and make no profit from it, other than the personal satisfaction of spreading around information we find interesting.

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