Armor for the Ages: SdKfz 234/4

armor for the agesThe Armor for the Ages website has recently updated their website, adding a new article to their Military Vehicles section. These articles describe the various vehicles and weapons that are now in the National Armor and Cavalry Museum (NACM) or the Patton Museum of Leadership. Some of these vehicles were once in the Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor collection before being transferred to NACM while others came from the Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) collection.The new article describes the German SdKfz 234/4 armored car. The unit this vehicle was assigned to during World War II has never been officially known until now. Recently acquired photographic evidence proves that the 234/4 was once part of Panzerkorps Feldherrnhalle and was surrendered to U.S. forces in southern Czechoslovakia in 1945.  The article is accompanied by two photo galleries of the vehicle.

Armor for the Ages SdKfz 234/4 article

SdKfz 234/4 Photo Gallery Number One and Photo Gallery Number Two

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