Video: ASCOD APC demonstration and test drive

This video appeared on DefenseWebTV last month featuring the ASCOD APC variant.

Vehicle description:

The ASCOD is a new generation of tracked armored vehicle designed and developed jointly by the companies Santa Bárbara Sistemas (Pizarro) from Spain and Steyr from Austria which are now business units of General Dynamics European Land Systems. Survivability, mobility and reliability are the main features of this modular medium weight armored vehicle. ASCOD stands for speed, optimal protection and immediate performance day and night regardless of weather conditions. The ASCOD can be easily transported by military transport aircraft. The first version of the vehicle is in service in Austria under the name of Ulan and in Spain under the name of Pizarro. The latest variant of the ASCOD was selected in September 2014 by the British army to replace the old CVRT family under the name of Scout SV. The SCOUT SV of British Army program includes six variants: Scout Reconnaissance, Protected Mobility Reconnaissance Support (PMRS), Command and Control, Engineering Reconnaissance, Repair, and Recovery. Each SCOUT SV platform variant will be a highly-agile, tracked, medium-weight armored fighting vehicle, providing British troops with state-of-the-art best-in-class protection.

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