War is Boring blog on Soviet Laser Tanks

The blog War is Boring has posted an article title “The Kremlin Hints at Reviving Cold War Laser Tanks” by Joseph Trevithick.  We admit this particular topic is one we know little about so we present this article without comment as to it’s accuracy or quality.


laser tankLaser tanks are a staple of Hollywood blockbusters, video games and children’s cartoons. During the closing years of the Cold War, the Soviet Union tried to make that science fiction a reality.

It worked … but not well.

Now Moscow is reportedly dusting off those old Soviet plans. But these scifi designs probably won’t make a return. The weapons were too expensive, too fragile and served a limited purpose on the battlefield.

Before the Iron Curtain fell, the Kremlin’s weaponeers cooked up at least three different beam-toting armored vehicles. Since 1991, the survivors — such as they are — have either languished in museums or scrapyards.

“There are a handful of areas … where, theoretically, Soviet-era engineering remains competitive on today’s battlefield,” retired U.S. Army Maj. Ray Finch — an analyst at the Army’s Foreign Military Studies Office — wrote in the June 2015 edition of OE Watch.

Full article available here.

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