Tank factories gallery

Every day more and more tanks are rumbling off production lines from factories throughout the United States. Once geared to the high speed production of cars; automotive works have shelved their tools for the duration and installed machinery for making heavy tanks.  The top picture shows the iron war horses rolling down production lines; under it is illustrated an American tank transporter; used to prevent wear and tear on tank treads. Fully loaded; the tank transporter weighs over 30 tons; and is powered by a 130 h.p. motor.

Mashable has posted an article titled “Tank factories  1910-1946.”  The piece has some interesting pictures, although we are slightly confused by the “1910” in the article title.  Astute readers may be confused by the picture of British WWI era tanks labeled “c.1916 A factory for the repair of German tanks.”  This picture is indeed of a German facility, although the date should be 1917.  The photo is of a German repair facility for captured British tanks in Charleroi, Belgium.

The article and photos are available here.

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