Sentinel Cruiser footage at Fishermans Bend

unnamedA new video has appeared showing the Australian Sentinel Cruiser along with other tracked and wheeled vehicles being put through their paces at a test sight in Australia.  The date and location of the vehicles is listed as Fishermans Bend 1942.  The video is featured in a news article in The Age Victoria, pointing out that the Fisherman’s Bend facility where these vehicles were manufactured is planned to become Melbourne’s newest high-rise apartment precinct.  According to a report commissioned by the Nation Trust, the 19 Salmon Street factory was an experimental tank depot which produced fully sized timber mock-ups of what would become the Sentinel Cruiser from 1941 to 1943.  A plan has been submitted to demolish the original factory and replace it with townhouses.  The National Trust is calling for the original Art Deco style administration building to be retained, as well as a sample of the factory.  Fishermans Bend was also a large car manufacturing area, from 1946 to 1972 being home to Rootes and later Chrysler car factories.

Article on the Fishermans Bend factory.

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