Fv3805 Restoration Project

The Wright military and Heritage Museum on the Isle of Wright in the UK has announced that they have started a restoration project of a Fv3805.  The Fv3805 was a British self propelled gun design, of which only two prototypes were built.  One of these prototypes still exists and is at the Wright museum.  A kickstarter campaign has been launched to support the project.  Here is the project description from the kickstarter site.

About this project

Our project is to raise fund and restore the only FV3805 vehicle left in the world with the aim to have it driving at Bovington tank museum by 2017. The vehicle will be restored by volunteers and disabled ex-servicemen and women and when running will be the first vehicle in the UK specifically restored to carry wheel chairs and have access to the insides.

This project will allow anyone with the suitable training which can be provided for free to access the vehicle regardless of gender or ability and will be shown at tankfest 2017 by the female staff and volunteers from the museum” ‘With your help and support this machine can once again be returned to a working condition and find a role far more peaceful than for what she was designed for.

Risks and challenges

The Vehicle current is sitting outside the back of a museum workshop as it’s the safest place to store her, the crew that work on her in their free time are from a variety of engineering backgrounds and almost all have been involved in restoration projects before. Each member is H&S trained and each has extensive knowledge in their own fields, the only obstacle is time and money.

The project is described further in this “Mingles with Jingles” video.

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