Jane’s article on IDF M48 Tamuz missle launcher

Jane’s has posted an article about the IDF missle-firing Peres artillery vehicle.  Details of the vehicle have only recently released, despite the fact that it entered service in 1982.  This vehicle has generated a great deal of discussion recently, as the true purpose of the vehicle has been revealed.

Interesting details from the article:

  • p1639540The manual guidance system restricts each Pere to having only one missile in the air at any given time, although a battalion of vehicles working together could potentially fire volleys at an enemy tank formation.
  • The Pere  vehicles are now linked to the IDF’s Torch command-and-control system, allowing them to receive intelligence on the co-ordinates of targets from a range of sources.
  • Unlike the IDF’s Merkava Mk 4 tanks, the Peres have not been fitted with Rafael’s Trophy active protective system.
  • The Peres can be used to fire either Tamuz 2 missiles with a 15 km range or Tamuz 4 missiles with a range of 30 km. The Tamuz 4 is similar to the Tamuz 5, which is the IDF’s name for the Spike NLOS missile that the company has marketed internationally since 2009. The main difference is that the Tamuz 5 has advanced day/night capabilities and can be used with a semi-active laser guidance system.
  • The Pere’s first operational use was not until 2005, when it returned fire on Palestinian attackers in the Gaza Strip. It then participated in the July-August 2006 war with Hizbullah, during which Pere units fired 527 missiles. In the 2008-09 Operation ‘Cast Lead’ against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Peres fired 26 Tamuz missiles.

The full article can be read here.

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