War is Boring blog declares T-80 overrated

T80FrontView_thumbThe blog War is Boring has posted an article declaring the T-80 to be Russia’s most overrated tank.  For those interested in reading their analysis, you may do so here.  The article has also appeared on the National Interest website with the even more inflammatory headline ” This is Why Russia’s T-80 Tank is a Total Disaster.”  The article seems to basing it’s conclusions on the fact that the T-80 did not perform well during the 1994 Chechen war and that the T-80 was relatively expensive an suffered from high fuel consumption.  Do these factors justify calling the vehicle a “total disaster?”  In our opinion probably not.


  1. Well, the T-80 sure has a lot of competition for that title. The T-34, for instance, is often laughably called “the best tank of WWII”, when in reality it was quite crappy: http://chris-intel-corner.blogspot.gr/2012/07/wwii-myths-t-34-best-tank-of-war.html


    • That article is like 90% tautology or misrepresentation of facts. http://tankarchives.blogspot.ca/p/christos.html


    • Wow, first war is boring which is probably the worst military site on the internet and now Chris intel being parroted for the 10,000,000th time even after it’s been debunked mercilessly!

      It’s a shitty, know nothing blog marathon in here!


    • I’ll be honest, I am not a fan of that Christos article. I think there were a good many other factors that contributed to the large number of Soviet AFVs destroyed on the Eastern Front than just the particular technical merits of the T-34. For a far more balanced take on the issue of the “Greatest tank of WW2”, I would recommend Zaloga’s latest book, Armored Champion.


  2. Well, thanks to authors of this blog for setting my rear plate on fire. And my chair, too.


  3. armorbarbarian says:

    the problem with the war is boring site is they have degressed from a very interesting site to one that will have an interesting historical piece occasionally and otherwise one that basically slams everyone. They love to crush new weapon systems that promote defense spending (hence they love the Abrams so long as nothing is spent on it) and also will degrade Russian or Chinese arms or personnel when its time to portray them as an adversary. At times its tough to take Axe and his site serious anymore. The T-80 is a better tank than many but with all Soviet things of course there are issues.


    • I feel that the writer was trying to create a somewhat more balanced piece but that he was probably forced to frame the article in such a negative way by the editors. A headline like “T-80 is terrible tank” is bound to grab peoples attention more than “T-80 a decent tank poorly utilized.”


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