From the Vault: Uncle Sam Grooms his Hell Buggies

Today in the mail we got an article we bought off of ebay from the April 1940 issues of Popular Science.  The article is titled “Uncle Same Grooms his Hell Buggies: A Close up View of our Hard Hitting Tank Force.”  This article, written just before the fall of France, paints a rather optimistic picture of the quality of US tanks at the time:

While the US Army can’t compare with European mechanized forces in number of tanks, American officers are confident that we are away ahead of them in quality–that in the M2A4 model tank now being built we have the best light tank in the world.

The article goes on to describe a powerful new medium tank being developed with four machine guns and a 37mm gun.  Of course, the events of the summer of 1940 would show these American officers just how wrong they were in this article (assuming they were not just talking up US equipment for the sake of public morale.)  The article has a few interesting pictures and tells of how the armor force used a remotely controlled FT-17 as a moving target.

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