Video: Sakal IFV (upgraded BMP-2)

This video is from the IDEb 2014 conference last year although it seems not to have been posted to the web until recently.  The video shows the Czech Sakal IFV, a substantially upgraded BMP-2.  Created by Czech arms manufacturer Excalibur Army, this vehicle features a number of improvements over the original BMP-2, details of which are available here.

Here is a video from Excalibur Army showing the exterior and interior of the Sakal.


  1. I trust the Czechs to do justice to other people’s designs (as well as come up with some good ones of their own) but I question the retention of the very narrow tracks as well as the very sharp overhang.

    Okay, they kept the tracks because the entire chassis is still basically that of a BMP-2, I get that.

    I realize that the overhang is for the purpose of sliding through water and deflecting small arms projectiles, but doesn’t it also have a huge disadvantage when overcoming obstacles, especially ditches?

    If any of you tank nuts can explain this, I’d be grateful.


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