US tanks go back to green

2BE961CA00000578-3219907-image-a-29_1441215460957Stars and Stripes is reporting that as focus shifts away from the middle east and toward Russia, US tanks in Europe are being repainted to woodland green rather than desert tan. According to the article, US vehicles in Europe are being repainted in forest colors to more closely match the European terrain and NATO allies. The article also mentions other issues concerning US AFV logistics in Europe, noting that:

The fighting vehicles stored here are a key part of USAREUR’s rotation of troops and vehicles into the Baltics and eastern Europe.

At Coleman, military officials discussed ways to improve the flow of equipment to the region, much of which moves by rail. For the Army, large-scale gear and troop movements around Europe have demanded that the Army relearn old logistical skills not exercised during the war years in Iraq and Afghanistan, officials said.

“We need to rebuild competency on several levels,” said Maj. Gen. Duane A. Gamble, commander of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command.

Full Article here.

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