Slovak-Polish Diana Self-propelled Howitzer debuts at MSPO

2382927_originalJane’s is reporting that at Poland’s MSPO defense exhibition in Kielce, the new 155mm Diana tracked SPH was unveiled.  Developed for a requirement by the Indian Army, the Diana SPH is a product of Konstrukta Defense and consists of a Slovakian autonomous 155mm L55 armed turret mounted on a Polish Bumar-Labedy UPG-NG tracked chassis.  This turret was originally developed for use on an 8×8 wheeled chassis.  According to the Jane’s article, the primary reason the Polish tracked chassis was selected was because it shares many common components with the T-72 main battle tank, a vehicle used by many of the potential customers for this artillery system.  The UPG-NG vehicle was initially designed for the Krab SPH, but was dropped in favor of the SOuth Korean K9 chassis.

Jane’s article here.

For those that would like more information on both the Polish Krab SPG and the Diana SPG, and are willing to use google translate, this Polish Language LiveJournal post may be of interest.  Here are the stats for the Diana SPG as provided in the LiveJournal post:

Diana (like Zuzana 2) using the automated loading system is capable of five shots in the first minute of opening fire, or 13 shots during the three minutes. Manual loading is possible if required. SAU Diana has a very impressive ammunition load of 80 rounds and 80 charges, out of which 40 projectiles and 40 charges placed in the automatic loader, and the other 40 projectiles and 40 charges – lie in the aft hull. The combat weight of Diana is 50 tons, length is 11, 8 m, width 3.5 m, height of the tower on the roof of 3.69 m. Engine S12U. The maximum road speed of 60 km / h on the highway cruising range to 650 km.

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