We Are the Mighty blog on Lafayette Pool.

Lafayette_G._Pool_1949The blog “We Are The Mighty” has posted an article about the WW2 exploits of US tank commander Lafayette Pool.  Part of the 3rd Armored division, Pool and his crew would become one of the most famous tank crews of war, credited with destroying 12 enemy tanks and dozens of other vehicles in their M4A1 (76) tank dubbed “In the Mood.”  Pool has been sited as the inspiration for the character of “Wardaddy” in the recent film Fury.  Pool and his crew lost their own tank to enemy action three times, the final incident resulting in the end of Pool’s career as he sustained an injury which lead to the amputation of his leg.  Pool would rejoin the 3rd Armored Division after the war and serve as an instructor until his retirement in 1960.

The “We are the Mighty” article is relatively short.  For those looking for more information on Lafayette Pool, here are several  links to some more in-depth articles.

Yank Magazine 1945 

Journal of Military Ordnance

Tribune-Herald 1987

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