Book Alert: Panzerwrecks 19 Yugoslavia

PW19CoverSpread_CMYK.inddA new installment in the Panzerwrecks series of books is slated to be released in December of this year.  This upcoming book is the 19th in the series and focuses on the Panzers used in Yugoslavia during WW2.  The book authors are Lee Archer and Bojan Dimitrijevic and features 151 rare and unpublished large format photographs sourced from around the world.  Vehicles features in the book include German WW2  vehicles of course, as well as quite a varied list of “Beutepansers” (captured tanks) and German vehicles in post war Yugoslav service.  According to the Panzerwrecks website, this volume will answer the following questions:

  • How did partisans improve the firepower of the Somua S35? And where did it end up?
  • Who was ambushed at Vukov Klanac? What vehicles did they lose?
  • Why did a German Panzer unit pose as Allied tankers?
  • Where did the Yugoslav Army collect and overhaul captured German AFVs?

Pre-orders for the book start on November 5 and the books ships on December 4.

A sample photo gallery can be viewed here.  This photo of a modified French S35 is quite interesting.

Panzerwrecks 19 - Yugoslavia

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