From the Vault: The Tanks are Coming (1941)

Here is a short film from 1941 by Warner Bros titled “The Tanks are Coming.”  The film is part comedy, part propaganda and frankly the humor is more than a bit dated.  However, the film includes a good deal of interesting footage of early war US M2 light and M2 medium tanks.  There are some good training shots as well, featuring driving and gunnery simulators.  The film was shot on location at Fort Knox.


  1. Yes, corny is the word! I had this film on VHS for many years and when it came out on DVD I recently upgraded my library.
    I love these old films even if the plot is thin, the acting & writing mediocre; because you get a snapshot of the fashions, language, customs and technology of a given year in history.
    And besides, it’s got tanks in it; how bad can the film be??!


    • Indeed, tanks can make any film watchable. I have even managed to enjoy the film “Tank” starring James Garner for the sole reason that it features an M4 Sherman.

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      • Yes, “Tank” was watchable even if they did use two different (and widely different models) Shermans, which was rather silly. I guess the full story for that is on

        It’s also a James Garner film and it has a very clear story involving good versus evil, in the guise of a corrupt and sadistic Southern Sheriff. It also has Garner as a father-figure to his troops while unable to connect with his son, until of course the ordeal with the thrown track.

        Predictable and corny, but still a fun movie to watch.
        By the way, did you see “Fury”?? I hate the way Hollywood butchers WWII history, so I’ll wait until I see it on a shelf at my local thrift store for a buck or two!

        PS: For such a cool blog, how come we are the only two commenting on this post??


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