From the Editor: Tank Movie Posters

Sahara (1943)

Sahara (1943)

Regular readers may have noticed a lack of posts in the past several days.  We have had to deal with some family emergencies which pulled us away from the keyboard.  Fortunately, it does not seem that the past few days have generated much important news regarding AFVs so perhaps our timing was good.  We were thinking about movies today and started to google movie posters.  We put together a small gallery of posters for movies featuring tanks.  Unfortunately, there have not been very many great films featuring tanks, although there are a few that have developed a cult following.  Kelly’s Heroes, The Beast and Sahara are decent films and they are fun to watch.  “Tank” staring James Garner is somewhat painful to sit through, and films such as “Tank Force”, “Tank Battalion”, and “The Tanks are Coming (1951)” are painfully dated.  And then there is the Battle of the Bulge, a film which transforms the the Ardennes Forest in winter into an arid Spanish plain with US Chaffee light tanks battling M47 “Tiger” tanks.  The less said about the 1995 remake of Sahara staring James Belushi, the better.  Below is a list of the films in the gallery with links to either the trailer or the entire film.  There are of course many other films that feature tanks.  These are just a few that we thought had interesting posters.

Sahara (1943) Excerpt

The Tanks are Coming (1951) Trailer

Tank Battalion (1958) Full Film

Tank Force! (1958) Excerpt

Battle of the Bulge (1965) Trailer

Kelly’s Heroes (1970) Trailer

Tank (1984) Trailer

The Beast of War (1988) Trailer

White Tiger (2012) Trailer (Russian language)


  1. Very cool, I wasn’t even aware of some of the more obscure of these!


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