Lithuania requests Stryker Vehicles with 30mm cannon

hqdefaultAccording to a US DoD news release,  Lithuania is requesting a sale of 84 M 1126 Stryker vehicles armed with 30mm cannons along with associated equipment, parts and logistical support.  The purchase is listed at an estimated cost of $599 million.  The release states that the 30mm cannon be either the ATK 30mm gun, the XM813 30mm cannon or a European variant with the Remote Weapon Station and 84 M2 Flex Machine Guns.  A principal contractor is not listed in the press release although it’s worth pointing out that the Stryker is a General Dynamics product.  The US army plans to field Stryker vehicles with a 30mm gun by 2018.  The initial US order is for 81 upgunned Strykers to equip the 2nd US Cavalry Regiment based in Germany.  Earlier this year it was reported that Lithuania planned to purchase the German Boxer 8×8 armored vehicle.  It would appear that the Boxer purchase has been abandoned in favor of the Stryker.

The DoD news release notes that “Lithuania’s acquisition of the Stryker ICV system would represent a major advancement in capability for the Lithuanian Land Forces, filling a vital capability gap that is not currently addressed. The Stryker ICV system would provide maneuverability, speed, and firepower to the Lithuanian Land Forces and enhance Lithuania’s ability to contribute to territorial defense and NATO and coalition operations. Lithuania will have no difficulty absorbing this equipment into its armed forces.”  The Stryker would replace the venerable M113 APC that remains in Lithuanian service, initially equipping the two battalions of the ‘Iron Wolf” mechanized infantry brigade.


  1. Just a passerby, as you might say. says:

    This is just the notification to accompany the US’s government-to-government proposed sale of the Striker to Lithuania (see:, it’s not a done deal.


    • Yeah and Id be very surprised if it actually goes through, considering most nations in the area have already ventured to the Patria.


      • It will be interesting to see what sort of politics were behind this selection of the Stryker.


      • Just a passerby, as you might say. says:

        There’s been no Stryker selection. All the announcement means is that the US State Department has approved Lithuania to buy Stryker if it wants to – it doesn’t mean Lithuania wants to.


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