South Korean KIFV gets big firepower upgrade

Jane’s is reporting that the South Korean K200 Infantry fighting vehicle (KIFV) developed by Doosan DST is getting a big boost in firepower in the form of a Belgian CMI Defense Cockerill Protected Weapon Station (CPWS.)  The first example displayed of the CPWS on a KIFV was equipped with a Orbital ATK 30mm cannon.  Varients of the KIFV have had turret mounted guns of 20mm-30mm in the past, but these were manned turrets that took up valuable interior crew space, unlike the remote weapons station CPWS.  Also shown in the article is a mock up of a South Korean K21 NIFV fitted with CMI turret mounting a 105mm rifled cannon.  The K21 is an IFV intended to replace the KIFV as the front line South Korean Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

main_p1521780 p1643590

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