Sherman Tank for Sale

4937563A Sherman tank used in the film “Fury” is currently for sale by auction.  Troostwijk auction house has a listing for a “Sherman M4(105)HVSS medium tank” with bidding starting at $250,000.

Vehicle description:

Medium tank, with 2 GM 6-cilinder diesel engines, armament primary 105 mm Howitzer, M4 in Mount M52 in turret, running gear T80 double pin 23″ width, rubber and steel, turret off revised, in running condition, used on the filmset of Fury, permit needed, y.o.m. approx. 1945, engines overhauld 2014 (The delivery of this lot is only possible if the buyer is in possession of the proper documents. If this is not the case the lot will be delivered without the parts that require special permission.)

Interestingly, the details of the the engine deck and rear grate indicate that this is an M4A3, which was powered by an Ford GAA gasoline engine.  However, the picture of the engine provided with the listing confirm that this vehicle is powered by dual GM 6 cylinder diesel engines, as was the norm for the M4A2.  It is probably a fair assumption that this vehicle was converted from the Ford GAA to the GM diesel at some point.

Photo Gallery and listing here.

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