UK to Upgrade Challenger 2 MBT

chally 2According to an article in Defense, the UK Ministry of Defence has initiated a program to update the British Army’s neglected Challenger 2 main battle tank fleet with at least three contractors submitting initial proposals.  BAE Systems,  General Dynamics UK and Lockheed Martin UK, have all thrown their hat into the ring regarding the upgrade program. Officially known as the Challenger 2 Life Extension Program (LEP), the update, including initial logistic support, could be worth up to US $1 billion.  The article notes that “industry executives said the update would focus mainly on updating turret subsystems and would not involve replacement of the L30 gun or the powerpack.”  The article notes that one such subsystem that may be included in the upgrade is the Thales UK’s TOGS II thermal observation and gunnery sight.

Full article here.



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