Hamas shows off fake Merkava tank

Multiple news outlets are reporting on a rather strange story concerning a “tank” on display during a funeral rally for seven dead Hamas militants.  Video of the event prominently features what appears to be a somewhat unconvincing replica of an Israeli Merkava 4 MBT.  According to the news stories, the speaker at the event claims that it is a captured and rebuilt Israeli tank, a claim that is rather dubious considering that the vehicle in question appears to be riding on wheels hidden behind the tracks.



  1. When God was giving out attributes to all the individual peoples of the world, he gave an extra dose of hyperbole to the Arabs……


  2. When God was giving out brains…they heard it was ‘trains’…so they missed it!!!


    • Ha, ha! I thought I’d heard all the good jokes and then you come along and burst my bubble!
      As for the Hamas “tank”, maybe the IDF should drop a wooden bomb on it?

      On a serious note; I got to see the Merkava MK II and III up close as an infantryman in the 1980s and early 1990s; they are beautiful beasts, if one can say that about a machine.


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