New and Upcoming Books

Here are some books that either have been released recently or on scheduled to be released in the next month.

Book15Nagmachon Heavy APC  by Michael Mass and Adam O’Brian

Publishers Description:

Desert Eagle Publishing is proud to announce the release of its No. 15 book, in the IDF Armor Series.  Title is – NAGMACHON Heavy APC – Centurion based APC IN IDF SERVICE – Part 2

Book includes old (birdcage) and new (slat armor and doghouse) versions, and the regular chapters :
– The family
– In action
– In details
– Power pack and engine compartment
– Armament
– Suspension
– and a Recovery story in Lebanon, with a personal touch.

Contains many previously unseen photographs.  Release date: March 1st 2016


US halftracks part 2U.S. Half-tracks Part 2 By David Doyle

Ampersand Publishing

Publishers Description:

Explore the development, production and deployment of America’s heavily armed half-track variants. Illustrated with 700 period photos and described in detail in the 448 hard-bound pages of this volume are the myriad of half-track based mortar, howitzer and gun motor carriages ranging from the ubiquitous but uncelebrated M4 Mortar Carrier to the obscure twin-40mm Bofors-armed T68 to the acclaimed M16 antiaircraft vehicle, which armed with four .50 caliber machine guns remained in the US arsenal until the late 1950s. Drawing heavily on obscure manufacturer documents and long-forgotten government records, this volume, when combined with Part 1, published in 2015, is the only complete study of these vehicles. ISBN: 978-0-9861127-4-4. $49.95


German Panzer IGerman Panzer I: A Visual History by David Doyle

Ampersand Publishing

Publishers Description:

Clandestinely developed during the post WWI-era during which Germany was forbidden from developing, producing or owning armored combat vehicles, the Panzer I served as a proof of concept. Manufacturers and engineers became acquainted with the creation of modern fully tracked combat vehicles and soldiers were familiarized with the driving, maintenance, logistics entailed by fielding an armored force. Once war began, not only did these experiences prove invaluable, the tanks themselves, armed only with twin machine guns, nevertheless proved formidable weapons against ill-prepared enemies. Spread through 168 hardbound pages, over 200 photos document all variations of this, the cornerstone upon which Germany’s famed panzer force was built. As a special bonus, this title includes a 16-page-color walk around section featuring very rare examples of the Panzer IA, B and F. ISBN: 978-1-944367-04-6. $28.95


298-1252-thickboxShilka AA Gun In Detail By Jan Horák and František Kořán.


Publishers Description:

The book covers ZSU-23-4V1 and ZSU-23-4M variants on 120 pages, 370 colour photos and 20 manual drawings.




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