Tank Talk with Len Dyer – German Panzer IV

Len Dyer of the National Armor and Cavalry Restoration Shop discusses the WWII-era German Panzer IV tank. Tank Talk is a series designed to educate on the features, tactics and histories of tanks throughout world military history.


  1. Very cool video, tanks for posting!

    (but why does he mispronounce “wehrmacht”??)


    • Reginaldo Bacchi says:

      Most people make a mistake when they call the German Army: Wehrmacht. Wehrmacht were the German Armed Forces. The Wehrmacht was organized around the: Heer (army), Luftwaffe (airforce) and Marine (navy);


  2. It’s a shame he incorrectly identified the tank as a Pzkpfw IV Ausf G (double baffle muzzle brake) when it’s a Pzkpfw IV Ausf F2 (single baffle muzzle brake) and original style commanders cupola…..


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