Video of the Day: Cross-Country with Chieftain

Since the theme of today’s posts is the British Chieftain, here is a video from British Movietone News called “Cross-Country with Chieftain.”

(credit to LoooSeR over at SH forum for pointing this video out)


  1. What a cool-looking tank, like a sleeker, more powerful version of a Centurion. Wonder how it would have fared against the Red hordes had the Cold War gone hot…..

    Tanks for posting!


    • The other interesting question is how the Chieftain would have fared in Israeli hands if the British had not cancelled the sale of Chieftains to Israel at the last moment due to Arab pressure.


      • No, not an interesting question at all. Russian tankers are well-trained and motivated, (albeit sloshed on wodka) Arab tankers (historically) are poorly trained and in most cases poorly led. The outcome has always favored the Israelis; witness the Super-Shermans, M-48s, et al, beating the crap out of the better-equipped, well-trained & disciplined Jordanians in 1967, for example.

        Thanks again for posting, I love this blog!
        PS: You’d think with the popularity of WoTs, this blog would have more subscribers & commenters. Where are they???


      • Frankly, I would just as well not have a bunch of WoT players commenting here. I say this having had plenty of experience with the sorts of things that get posted over at the WoT forums. The Chieftain of course posts good stuff, but the “tank lore” section of the WoT forum has become pretty much a virtual ghost town.


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