“Tank Shredder” company purchased by KMW

Jane’s is reporting that German tank manufacturer Krauss Maffei-Wegmann (KMW) has puchased GmbH Koch, a company that specializes in dismantling tanks and armored vehicles.  According to Jane’s:

The company, which takes apart tanks at a facility in Rockensussra, Germany, is the only NATO-certified company to dismantle tanks, KMW said in a press release. The company has been shredding tanks since 1991, and has dismantled 16,000 military vehicles to date. Battle Tank Dismantling was previously owned by the Scholz Group, a scrapping company.

Here are a few images of vehicles at the GmbH Koch facility.  (more images here.)

Luchs 8x8

Spahpanzer Luchs



panzer 68

Panzer 68


Marder IFV



  1. Sigh…..what a waste! Couldn’t those BTR-50s be turned into limousines for prom night? Imagine arriving at the Oscars in one of those things; it’s no longer about what she wore but rather “how she arrived”!!

    OR: take off the top deck and turn it into a giant planter! Or a hot tub!!

    And those Marders…..so they are decades old; doesn’t anybody in the third-world want a used IFV???


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