From the Vault: WO 291-1186 – Comparative performance of German anti-tank weapons in WW2

Today we present some photos of a British report titled “WO 291-1186 – Comparative performance of German anti-tank weapons in WW2.”  The title is somewhat misleading as the report is primarily focused on the effectiveness of German anti-tank mines.  The photos are not of the best quality but are legible.  There are some very nice charts in this report showing British tank losses broken down by enemy weapon type and theater of operation as well as a breakdown of British tank personnel loses by tank type and enemy weapon.  According to the summary of the report:

Tank losses due to mines (22%) were generally less than those due to anti-tank guns (30%) and tanks + SP guns (39%), nevertheless they were appreciable, amounting to between a quarter and one fifth of the total losses.

Also, the report points out that:

It is concluded that nearly 2000 enemy mines were required to cause the loss of one British tank, on the assumption that equal numbers f mines went to each mile of the German front line.

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