Uralvagonzavod to start giving tours

According to Sputnik news.com, the Russian tank building plant Uralvagonzavod will be opening up part of their facility for military tourism.  Uralvagonzavod, located at Nizhny Tagil in the Ural Mountains, is the builder of the T-90 MBT and the new Armata T-14.  According to the Sputnik new.com article:

uralvagonzavod_building-e1406836865487The tour will also include a visit to the Museum of Armored Vehicles, which features more than a thousand exhibits, from the T-34 to the T-90, as well as samples of armor, shells, and other individual components of the plant’s production, plus rare books, other literature and paintings. Visitors, the press release says, will be able to get a look at some of the vehicles on display both inside and out.

The final stage of the tour will feature a demonstration of the T-90 main battle tank on the move, along with a master class from the vehicle’s commander. Moreover, program organizers promise a working lunch in the plant’s workers’ canteen, plus a soldier’s lunch of porridge out in the field.

The ‘Voyentur’ (‘Military Tour’) program is scheduled to begin operations later this year, the company promises.

Full article here.



  1. UVZ has a working Object 140 so I would love to go one day.


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