From the Vault: The T113 “Kangaroo”

Here is an article from the July-Sept 1958 issues of INFANTRY magazine titled “A New Lift for the Infantryman” by Lt Col Edward H. Simpson.  This article is about the T-113 armored personnel carrier, which was the prototype for the famous M113 APC.  The article gives a pretty good impression of what the Army was expecting out of their new APC, primarily low weight, low cost and better maneuverability.  Interestingly, the author states that the T-113 has been given the unofficial nickname of “The Kangaroo” and refers to it as such several times in the piece.  It’s worth pointing out that the M113 never received an official nickname.

If you would like to download the article in PDF format, the entire July-Sept 1958 issue of INFANTRY can be downloaded here (article starting on page 101 of the PDF)


  1. Interesting article, thanks for posting!

    In my IDF service (1986-1994) I was a regular infantryman and an M-113 driver. The M-113 in IDF service was officially called the Bardalas, meaning “cheetah” but nobody ever called it that; it was simply “nagmash”, meaning “APC”. Unofficially, it was given the nickname in 1973 of “Zelda” as in, you guessed it, the fat lady in the circus.

    Indeed, my personalized license plate in California and now in Arizona is “NAGMASH”!


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