IDF Friendly Fire accident?

Over at the SH forum, regular poster “LoooSeR” has posted some images and a link to a video that claim to show damage to an Israeli Merkava 4 caused by “friendly fire”.


This incident with caused this damage is supposedly shown in this video (click on the image below to go to the page hosting the video.)

Merkava friendly fire




  1. When American/Russian/et al tanks go to the firing range or maneuver area, they have an area so big that they can drive all day and still not get to the border (limits) until sundown. When we Israelis go to practice, we have an intense briefing about where we can shoot and where we can’t. Israel is a country the size of New Jersey, to put things in perspective or for anybody living here in Arizona as I do, the size of Yavapai County.

    Accidents happen to even the best and I pray that the crew came out unscathed in time to celebrate the Passover feast!


  2. Ramlaen says:

    Sorry about the roundabout method of answering this

    That picture is part of a set taken of a train with damaged Abrams, several of the tanks had boxes, presumably to seal exposed DU as there were radiation warnings painted on them.


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