Steven Zaloga AFV Model Gallery

Author and master model builder Steven Zaloga has given us permission to post this gallery of some of his  1/35 and 1/48th scale models.  We hope you enjoy these images and we thank Mr. Zaloga for sharing them with us.  The models can be viewed in the slideshow directly below or click on the individually labeled thumbnails to view the full size images.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. My dad would have been sqeeing like an Otaku. Thanks for posting this Walt. 🙂


  2. chrisbroz says:

    I used to go to a hobby shop in Manhattan (IIRC on W 34th St) called Gateway Hobbies…Steve had a huge display case with his armor mdels on view…used to be a favorite Saturday afternoon stop for me when I’d go to Manhattan on weekends doing the tour of Sky Books, The Soldier Shop, Gateway and other model/military figure venues… C BrosnahanPort St Lucie, FL


  3. Jeeps_Guns_Tanks says:

    Wow, Mr Z sure can build a tank model.


  4. What a fantastic archive! I have seen a lot of these in various model magazines and on forums but it really is something to see them in one place ….


  5. Churchill №61 “Alexander Nevsky”, to tank 50-th Separate Guards Heavy Tank Regiment. “Александр Невский” is the name of the tank, not the name of a tank column. In the picture below the video troublesome fallacy.


  6. In the mid 70s after I returned home from my time with the Army in Germany, I’d drive into Manhattan to visit a small hobby shop (IIRC) on W34th St called Gateway Hobbies…it was a small showroom accessed by a similarly small elevator in an old commercial building…going there was always an adventure – I was a huge armor kit builder at the time and Steve had a large number of his models on display in a case at the back of the shop…I’d go not only to see his kits but also to find as many back issues of AFV-G2 as possible (still have ’em) and look for the newest kits that Gateway always seemed to have in stock…


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