Iranian Tiam battle tank

Defense Blog has posted about a new Iranian tank called the Tiam.  This tank is described as an optimized version of the Sabalan tank.  The Sabalan is a heavily modified US M47M tank.  The M47M was a version of the M47 never used by the US military but only offered as an export vehicle.  It consisted of an M47 with the engine and fire control elements of an M60A1.  According to the website Military-Today, 400 of these tanks were provided to Iran, of which almost 170 are still operational.  The Sabalan has a heavily modified or new turret mounting a 105mm gun, whereas the original M47M had a 90mm gun.  The new Tiam appears to have a similar hull to the Sabalan but a smaller, different shaped turret.  The Defense Blog post notes that the Tiam is armed with the M68 105mm gun and a new fire control system.  It also appears from the available photos that it is equipped with some sort of ERA.

Tiam tank


Sabalan tank.



  1. lmao these are trash….no wonder they threaten the USA thats all they can do they sure as hell couldnt go heads up with us.


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