Armor for the Ages Marder II page

The Armor for the Ages website has been updated with a new page on the two  German WWII era Marder II tank destroyers at Fort Benning.  The page includes a description and history of the vehicles as well as two photo galleries.  The photos show quite a bit of interior detail of the vehicles and should prove rather useful to anyone working on a model of a Marder II.


MarderIItext03The subject of this article is one of two Marder IIs shipped to the United States after having been surrendered in Austria to the U.S. forces as the war ended. One was sent to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds (APG) while the other was sent to the Armor School Museum at Fort Knox which eventually became the Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor. Both Marders were part of the 1. Panzer Division in its Panzer Aufklärungs Abteilung (reconnaissance  battalion).  The 1. Panzer Division was listed as still having 12 Marder IIs as of March 1945.

Read the full article and view the galleries here.

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