Turkish M60 tank survives ISIS Kornet missile

IHS Jane’s is reporting that a Turkish M60T MBT survived a hit by the Islamic State using a Russian made 9K129 Kornet ATGW.  On April 19, video appeared online claiming to show the destruction of a Turkish tank by an ISIS guided missle near Mosul.  The video shows the missile striking the tank but ends shorting after the initial detonation.  IHS Jane’s states that the Turkey’s Anadolu Agency reported that the Islamic State carried out an attack on a M60 tank at Bashiqah. The source said the tank had been slightly damaged and there were no casualties in the camp.  The IHS Jane’s article also includes a picture of an M60T with damage to its turret add-on armor.


Here is the video of the missile strike:

Oddly enough, this incident mirrors a situation from earlier this year in Syria where a Russian built T-90 was struck by a US made TOW missile.  Video was released claiming to show the destruction of the tank, although much like this current video, it cuts off after the initial impact and explosion of the missile warhead.  Later, it was revealed that the T-90 survived the missile strike with only minor damage.

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