UK Armour & Embarkation event this June

War History Online has an article about the upcoming “Armour & Embarkation” event in Dorset on June 18 and 19.  This event features a large collection of functioning WWII era tanks and armored vehicles intended as a recreation of allied forces just prior to the D-Day landings.

 12439349_1080773191995666_8576051266672425764_nA massive of tanks and armour and ‘big’ heavies will come together and form a convoy which will then drive through the lanes and towns of Dorset for an unmissable and unforgettable event. Re-enactors and vehicle owners from around Europe will don original uniforms, carry weapons and equipment that would have been taken on embarkation to give spectators a real taste of history and breathe new life into the story of D-Day and the Normandy invasion.

“With the help of military vehicle enthusiasts the Armour & Embarkation event aims to demonstrate the true scale of the operation behind one of this country’s most important events in modern history.” The group will also be participating in the Veteran’s Weekend on Sunday 19th June by continuing their journey to Weymouth and taking part in the activities.


The War History Online article has a large gallery of photos from the 2010 and 2012 versions of this event.  View them here.

For the facebook page of Armour & Embarkation 2016 June, click here.

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