From the Vault: Making Excuses for the Sheridan

Today we present an article from the July-August 1973 issue of ARMOR magazine titled “The Sheridan: Airborne Cavalryman’s Big Punch.”  This three page article by Lieutenant Colonel Robert E. Helton is interesting not so much for what it tells us about the Sheridan light tank, but rather because it illustrates just how unpopular the vehicle was in US service.  The author does all he can to put the Sheridan in a good light, going so far as to blame the crews that operate the vehicle for any failings the Sheridan may have.  For example, he states “The departure from past practices and the quantum jump forward in technology which the Sheridan exemplifies, coupled with the reluctance of many to accept change were, to a great extent, responsible for its adverse reputation at the outset.”  Seems to us that blaming the troops is a pretty sad way to make excuses for the poor reputation of a vehicle with legitimate issues such as the Sheridan.  You can view the article as individual pages in the gallery below or download a PDF of the July-August 1973 issue of ARMOR here (article starts on page 19)

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