1. Malcolm Te Moananui says:

    Hi Not sure if you’re aware of this or not, but this is an early construction M41, which is quite different from the majority of M41’s built – not only does it have the X 7404114 turret, but early pattern Gun Travel lock, horseshoes on the glacis plate – beneath the headlight brackets, plus the early engine grilles – 5 left, 6 right vs 3 each side on the later M41’s. I’ve found pictures of 2 others in the US – at Fort Shelby, Mississippi & at the Big Red One Museum, Cantigny, Illinois. It would be good to see a close up pic of the turret Serial number, LHS of the turret, by the lifting eye. Also there should be a hull serial number in the middle of the vehicle, level with the drivers position – casting part number 7384712.
    You won’t find much mention of this in the various reference books on the M41, Hunnicutt refers to it, but not in detail, the drawing in his book (Sheridan) isn’t quite right, but if you study the pictures….


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