Jordan introduces Centurion based APC

1678556_-_mainJane’s IHS is reporting that Jordan has introduced a new version of their heavy APC at the SOFEX 2016 exhibition.   Called the Al-Dawsar, this vehicle is designed by King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) and is based on the hull of the Jordanian Tariq MBT, a modified Centurion tank.  According to Jane’s, 283 Tariq tanks were built but have since been phased out of frontline service, freeing them up for conversion.  The Al-Dawsar retains the AVDS-1790 engine, Allison CD 850-6A transmission and hydropneumatic suspension of the Tariq.

From the Jane’s IHS Article:

The raised crew and troop compartment is at the front of the hull. In addition to the commander/gunner, it can carry seven dismounts seated individually facing inwards. However, alternative seating arrangements could increase this to up to 10 dismounts. The area to the rear is used to stow equipment such as ammunition.

In addition to the four hatches (three left and one right) in the roof is a hydraulically operated opening in the front left side of the hull. The top part opens upwards and the lower part opens downwards to form a ramp.

The driver’s position is at the front right and has the same yoke-type steering controls as those fitted to the upgraded Tariq, rather than the original tillers/sticks of the Centurion, plus a single-piece hatch and periscopes for observation over the frontal arc.


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