Book Alert: Flakpanzer

Amazon has listed a June 1, 2016 release date for the new hardcover book “Flakpanzer” by Tim Dinan, Chris Meadows and Sam Olsen.

Publishers Description:

Ever since mankind started to use aircraft to fight their enemies, the enemy found means to fight the aircraft. When armies and warfare turned motorized, so did the Anti-Aircraft artillery (Flak). As modern mechanized warfare was born in Germany, so was the Flakpanzer. This book reveals all the secrets regarding the German Flakpanzers. Also included are all purpose built vehicles carrying flak guns: The halftracks, the artillery tractors, redesigned tanks and prototype vehicles. Complete technical description of all vehicles, guns and operational descriptions of how the vehicles were used are included in the book.* Encyclopedia information on all vehicles converted to flak vehicles or purpose built as them* Complete technical description of them* Many unpublished photos of them* Complete production figures of them* Color artwork by some of the best artists in the world

Flakpanzer is available for pre-order from Amazon.

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