Video of the Day: Saumur Tank Museum Scrapyard History

This video appeared on youtube yesterday, posted by “Panzer Picture.”  The video provides a photo history of some of the WW2 era German vehicles found at the French Saumur Tank Museum (Musee des Blindes.)


  1. PETIT Pierre says:

    This Jagdpanther is no more in Saumur. We have now only one but with a barrel in one piece (first version), I ll ask where is this Jagdpanther now. One picture taken (with the M10 on the left side) is taken of the first scrapyard during the 80′. This scrapyard was transfered to the exercice ground of Fontevraud during the 90, and now a aprt of this scrapyard is around the museum (former tobacco fatory) and in to two other places in France.


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