Video of the Day: Unconvincing Movie “Tigers”

Here is a fairly humorous video of the day.  This clip comes from the unforgivably atrocious 1977 film Achtung! The Desert Tigers.  In this particular scene, a group is shown attacking a German tank column equipped with…M4 Sherman tanks with AMX-13 (FL-10) turrets.  As far as we know, only Egypt operated such a vehicle.  Interestingly, these vehicles also portray German tanks in the  1969 film “War Devils”, which you can watch in its entirety here if you feel like punishing yourself.


  1. Yes indeed, Italian-made westerns and war movies are by far the cheeziest. Here is the link to this monumental stinker on
    I regularly haunt the thrift stores and they are full of DVD movies in the thin-pak cases of the most cheeziest movies, as well as a few goodies and I’ve never seen this PoC before.

    PS: In 1956, 1967 and 1973 this is how we (IDF) regularly attacked columns of Egyptian tanks! (insert several winky emoticons here!!)


  2. Interesting! You’re right, only Egypt used the M4/FL10 hybrids in combat – they were built by France in 1955, and Egypt used them until 1967. Israel captured a number in both the 1956 and 1967 wars. I assume the examples used in these films were bought from Israel by private dealers in the 1970s?


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