Photo of the Day: CGI BT Fast tank at Eurosatory

Today’s photo is a bit of a silly one. While looking for information about Eurosatory 2016 at the Rheinmetall website, we came across a computer graphic of their outdoor display area. The thing that immediately caught our eye is the vehicle with the red circle around it. This is supposed to be the Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Obviously, somebody at Rheinmetall got lazy or really likes WW2 Soviet tanks, because the digital model really looks like a BT-7 Model 1937 fast tank!

Rheinmetall BT 7

Rheinmetall BT 7 close up


  1. cwjian90 says:

    A BT-7 with interleaved roadwheels for….reasons, I guess


  2. I have Apple TV and we stream our photos through the TV. I would love to have a better shot of that w/o the ID points if you run across one. Thanks for the great pics.


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