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Some recent news articles related to AFVs.  Click on the title link to go to the full article.


Defense News – IronVision Helmet Provides Sight Through Armored Tanks

636009776648720676-WideshotHAIFA, Israel — Elbit Systems, the Israeli firm whose Helmet Mounted System (HMS) is used on helicopters and fighters worldwide, including the new F-35, is debuting a similar sensor-fused system that allows tank commanders to essentially see through the walls of their armored vehicles.  Called IronVision, the vehicle-adapted HMS provides “protective glass walls” for tank or armored fighting vehicle crews who may need to operate in so-called closed-hatch mode when maneuvering in high-threat areas, according to Boaz Cohen, director of Elbit’s land systems division. – Army Abrams Tanks Will Get Networked with a High-Speed Force Tracker

4067782519The Army is now expanding a new, high-speed, vehicle-mounted force tracking technology to include a wider range of combat platforms such as Stryker vehicles, Bradleys and Abrams tanks, service officials said.  The system, now on Army jeeps or HMMWVs, allows Soldiers in combat to instantly know their location in relation to fellow Soldiers, enemy locations and surrounding terrain, service developers said. The technology, called Joint Battle Command – Platform, has already been fielded with the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division and 10th Mountain Division.


Defense News – CMI Defence, Ricardo UK To Partner for British Tank Bid

Challenger_II.jpgPARIS — CMI Defence is the second company to announce a partnership arrangements to compete for the British Army’s upcoming life extension program for the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank. The Belgian weapon systems designer and manufacturer said it is teaming with British systems integrator Ricardo UK to respond to a request for information issued by the Ministry of Defence.  CFM will act as prime, with Ricardo acting as systems engineering and delivery partner.


IHS Jane’s – Eurosatory 2016: Spain showcases Pizarro artillery observation vehicle

1646017_-_mainGeneral Dynamics European Land Systems-Santa Barbara Sistemas is exhibiting the artillery observation variant of their Pizarro infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) family at Eurosatory 2016.  The Pizarro forward observation vehicle (FOV) has a crew of five comprising the commander and gunner in the two-person turret, a driver, and two observers in the rear, one of whom can be used in the dismounted role with a link to the platform.


Defense Update – Eurosatory 2016 – Photo Report (Day 1)







Defense Update – 8×8 AFVs at Eurosatory 2016 – Photo Report (Day 2)


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