Video: Tank Pug

From the Ontario Regiment Museum of Historical Military Vehicles in Oshawa Ontario comes this humorous video featuring Atom the Pug and an M4  Sherman tank.

The Chieftain’s Hatch: Signal Flags

hatchlogo (1)Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran from World of Tanks writes about the history of tank signal flags.


Tier I tanks used to come with “Signal Flags” as part of their basic radio system. Threads on the forum, reddit, etc. have asked, “Did WoT make this up? Did tankmen really use flags?”

Sure enough, the answer is ‘yes’ (in semaphore, as in the photo above). In a time when the “intercom system” could be as technical as kicking the driver to indicate which way you wanted to go, communications with the world outside the tank was even more difficult.

Just because tanks were coming standard with radios didn’t mean that signal flags would be obsolete. In early 1941, Armored Force was trying to come up with its own visual signals guide, and that March approved the signals as found in Field Manual 17-5:

“Disregard my movements:” Flag Stationary
“Do as I do:” Raise and lower flag repeatedly
“Assemble:” Wave flag in large circles
“Form extended column:” Wave flag from font to rear, as determined by direction in which signaller’s vehicle is facing
“Form extended line:” Wave flag from side to side, as determined by direction in which signaller’s vehicle is facing
“Form column:” “Extended Column” signal, followed immediately by “Assemble” signal
“Form line:” “Extended line” signal, followed immediately by “Assemble” signal

Full article here.

Photo of the Day: Eurosatory Protest

Earlier this week peace protesters disrupted Eurosatory 2016, vandalizing several vehicles with red paint.  Here is a picture of protesters being removed from a Leclerc MBT.



Rheinmetall unveils Lynx IFV at Eurosatory 2016

From Shephard Media comes this video of the new Rheinmetall Lynx infantry fighting vehicle.  Lynx is the company’s entrance into the medium weight category and will fit into the company’s portfolio below the Puma IFV.

Rheinmetall unveils Lynx Eurosatory 2016 from Shephard Media on Vimeo.

Photo of the Day: CGI BT Fast tank at Eurosatory

Today’s photo is a bit of a silly one. While looking for information about Eurosatory 2016 at the Rheinmetall website, we came across a computer graphic of their outdoor display area. The thing that immediately caught our eye is the vehicle with the red circle around it. This is supposed to be the Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Obviously, somebody at Rheinmetall got lazy or really likes WW2 Soviet tanks, because the digital model really looks like a BT-7 Model 1937 fast tank!

Rheinmetall BT 7

Rheinmetall BT 7 close up

Rheinmetall reveals new 130mm tank gun

Ck0b-RyWgAAckCr-696x522IHS Jane’s is reporting that Rheinmetall has revealed their new 130mm tank cannon at the Eurosatory 2016 in Paris.  Development of the gun started in 2015 and firing trials will start after Eurosatory 2016.  According to Rheinmetall, the gun is a 130mm L/51 smoothbore cannon with a vertical sliding breech mechanism and chrome lined.  The barrel weighs 1,400 kg and the entire gun with recoil system will weigh 3000 kg.  The gun on display at Eurosatory features a thermal sleeve and muzzle reference system.  Rheinmetall is also introducing a new generation of armor piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS) ammunition with combustible cartridge case.  This will be followed by a new 130mm high-explosive air-bursting munition (HE ABM) round.


Eurosatory 2016 Videos with Christopher Foss

IHS Jane’s youtube channel features a number of new videos of reporter Christopher Foss at the recent Eurosatory 2016 expo.