The Matilda Diaries, Parts 9, 10 and 11

It’s time we caught up on the Matilda Diaries series from the Tank Museum at Bovington.  This video series examines the Museums efforts to restore their Matilda II infantry tank.  These episodes look at restoration of the turret, the gun and the gearbox.



Matilda Diaries Part 6

In this short episode Workshop Technician, Johnathon Kneebone describes a couple of third party items from the Matilda that he’s been working on. There’s an air servo used in the transmission and the ingenious use of a bicycle part into the turret.

The Matilda Diaries Part 5

The Tank Museum at Bovington has posted another installment in their “Matilda Diaries” video series chronicling the restoration of the museum’s Matilda II infantry tank.  Museum staff Bob Darwood talks about the tank’s complex but practical epicyclic gearbox, how it works and what its restoration involves.

The Matilda Diaries Part 3

From the Tank Museum at Bovington comes part 3 of the Matilda Diaries, a video series showing the restoration of their Matilda II infantry tank.

The Matilda Diaries Part 2

From the youtube channel of The Tank Museum:

Part Two of the Matilda Diaries explores the sub-assemblies which power the turret, cooling system, drivers sight and hydraulics system.  Throughout the course of this series The Tank Museum aims to lift the lid on the overhaul of its Second World War Matilda II tank. Viewers will have a chance to see the challenges involved with the project overall, as well as the nitty gritty of dismantling and reassembling a 70 year old vehicle.

Matilda Diaries Part I

From the Tank Museum at Bovington comes this video about the restoration of their Matilda tank.