Video: M60 at a VFW hall

We would assume that just about everyone that follows this site in the US has seen an old tank sitting in front of the VFW or American Legion hall.  This short video appeared on youtube today showing one of these old warhorses being positioned onto a concrete platform outside a VFW hall.  Unfortunately, no details are provided as to which VFW hall this event took place at.


  1. What is it about these lazy bozos that they post a video on youtube that has some amount of historical significance and they don’t narrate it or include some pertinent details in the video’s text box underneath the video window???

    Anyways, a very historical and long-lived tank and I’m glad it’s not ending it’s life as a range target.


  2. This M60 is being placed on display at the VFW in Redmond Oregon. tankandafvnews cites this location in a newspaper article below in the article titled, “Tank to live outside Redmond Veterans of Foreign Wars post:”. 1836 sw Veterans Way, Redmond OR. Pull it up on Goolgle Earth or maps and look at the VFW building in the background.


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