From the Vault: RD&A Magazine Articles

A couple months ago someone posted a collection of US Army RD&A magazines (Research, Development & Aquisition)  from the late 80’s and early 90’s.  We browsed through them and picked out the handful of articles that directly related to AFVs.  We have arraigned the articles in photo galleries chronologically by year.


Composites Technology


TACOM Seeks Improved Vehicle Crew Environment

Yuma Proving Ground’s Automotive Test Mission



TACOM Seeks Quick Fix For Battle-Damage Vehicles

Single Fuel on the Battlefield

First Complete AIPS Hardware to Undergo Tests



Impact of Communications on Armor Crew Performance

Diagnostic and Repair Expert System for the Abrams Tank

A Non-Flammable Hydraulic Fluid for Future Combat Vehicles

Composite Infantry Fighting Vehicle Unveiled


TACOM Solved Hot Exhaust Problem for Desert Troops


The Army’s Tank Engine Adventure of World War II

Army to get New Smoke Vehicle

Yuma Initiative Extends Life of Abrams Tank Air Cleaner


Combat Vehicle Test Bed to Play Key R&D Role


New Track-Tensioning System May Cut Tank Maintenance Costs





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